Urban Dog


Urban Dog


4wk course – 1 hr each week $235 (discount for CLC students, text Laura for code)

(Dogs who have attended Canine Good Citizen)

To earn Urban Dog”  CGCU certificate dog must demonstrate CGC skills in an Urban setting
Leash handling, navigating crowds, situations to avoid
Field trips into town
Test item#1 Exit/enter doorways with no pulling in dog friendly buildings
Test item #2 Walk through a crowd on a busy urban sidewalk
Test item #3 Appropriate reaction to city distraction. This includes movement, noises and walking on a variety of surfaces
Test item #4 Crossing street: Stop at corner, stand or sit to wait and cross with no pulling
Test item #5 Ignore food on sidewalk : (dropped food, cups, food wrappers, etc)
Test item #6 Person walks up and pets dog. May be carrying an item small dog in bag
Test item #7 Public building (that is dog friendly) walks under control in building (slick surface or carpeted floor, down stay (3-min) in lobby or outdoor area , waits while owner has meal or snack)
Test item #8 Stairs, steps or elevator under control
Test item #9 House Trained. Owner must verify.
Test item #10 Transportation – Enters/exit car under control