Nosework 1 – Intro to Search

(Dogs 4 month and up)
No aggressive dogs
Bring plenty of high value treats

K9 Nosework is an exciting game to play with your dog! Nosework challenges your dogs brain. It also builds your handling and observation skills. Every dog can succeed at K9 Nosework. Shy, fearful or reactive dogs can build new confidence.

Highly active dogs burn energy.

All dogs are crated separately (crates provided). Each dog will work the search area independently.

60 minutes 1x per week $235

Nosework 2 – Intro to Odor

Dogs that have completed Nosework 1
5 weeks | 1 hour 1x per week $235
This class focuses on introducing your dog to finding 3 target odors (essential oils) container, interior, vehicle and exterior searches continue.  The searching game become more fun and challenging!!!